Welcome to Stephen Pinnington Independent Opticians

For location and contact details for the Nantwich and Buckley practices see the Where Are We page.  To send us a message use the Contact Us page.  You can also browse some of the services and products we offer including examples of some of our great ranges of spectacle frames.

Frame Ranges at Pinnington Opticians

Need new glasses? Try some of our fantastic frame collections!  We stock the newest, most modern styles for 2018 across a great array of designer brands and fashion frames, as well as budget ranges too.
Calling in to experiment with different styles is always the best way to find your new look, and you can see examples of ranges that we offer if you click here.

Contact Lenses

Both the Buckley practice and Nantwich have a regular contact lens clinic.  If you're trying lenses for the first time then we will give you tuition on how to handle, insert and remove the lenses correctly, don't worry! it's easier than you might think.

If you already wear contact lenses then we can provide regular check ups for you at which point the comfort, suitability and clarity of vision is reviewed each time.

See our contact lens page for updates on new products and a video tutorial if you need some tips and advice on inserting and removing your lenses properly.

NEW!  Marc Jacobs

A new addition to our frame collections for 2018 is the Marc Jacobs designer range of ladies frames.  Click here for more details.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Now in stock, a new range of prescription swimming goggles!  Available to most prescriptions. Available in 3 different designs;

standard adult fit,

small fit for children, teens and small adults,

and slimmer 'competition' fit for more advanced swimmers.

For new customers just bring along your current prescription, and for existing customers we will check your record, and then advise on suitability with your prescription.