A new addition to our frame collections for September 2018 is Blackfin.  Eyewear with a strong personality and style, so light and comfortable you hardly know it’s there, weighing only 2.4 grams.  Manufactured in Italy using the highest quality Japanese titanium. Titanium is as resistant as steel, but 40% lighter.  Blackfin is an icon of technology and colour, entirely designed and carefully handcrafted in Italy in order to control all the manufacturing stages, to follow every detail with maniacal care, emphasing the well-defined character of the frame making it remarkably unique.

Blackfin 'Seascale'
Blackfin 'Lexington'
Blackfin 'Oyster Bay'
Blackfin 'Rockport'
Blackfin 'Sherman'
Blackfin 'Hudson'
Blackfin 'Bowen'